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With Apple about to release iOS 11, with their augmented reality toolkit included, we decided to take a look at some of the new things you’ll be able to do on your mobile devices very soon now.

One of our studies is Block Builder AR, an iOS 11 app that (Read More)

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After months of preparation, the installation of the “Life of an Icon” exhibit at Folger Shakespeare Library has opened! Thanks to the Library, the installation was captured in a time-lapse sequence showing how a vibrant and interactive project comes to life! In addition to providing support for the ceiling projection (Read More)

A nobel pursuit


Today is the 10th birthday of the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway. We had the great fortune to collaborate with architect David Adjaye ten years ago here and have just finished completely refurbishing the exhibits for the next ten years! Today, they threw a big birthday party (Read More)

This is for guests?


Recently we spruced up the entry area of our studio. We now have these buttoned-up, professional chairs for folks who are waiting or for little chit-chats. Copernicus, however, has other ideas. It seems these are the perfect platforms for his two main activities: napping and keeping an (Read More)

Hello Wheelie!


Yesterday was the opening of our newest installation – Jimmy’s Junction. This long, interactive wall is in the pediatric clinic at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. A collaboration with Bren Bataclan and Christopher Stacy, this wall has been Morgan’s focus for the past year. Bright, funny characters appear and interact, giving (Read More)

Creatures in the Walls


For the past year, Small Design Firm has worked with The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute on Jimmy’s Junction, an interactive wall for the waiting room of their innovative, new pediatric clinic. The twenty-three foot long wall will project an aura of friendliness, support, and comfort while easing the (Read More)

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Breaking Waves

09.01.14   By David Small

We had the great fortune to be able to work with some amazing artists on our Biogen Idec project. We needed something spectacular to anchor the lobby of their new corporate headquarters, and which could activate both the space inside and the sidewalk outside. Jeff (Read More)

Mixing Digital and Physical: The Holocaust Museum’s Handwritten Pledge Wall

05.26.09   By Nina Simon

On a recent trip to DC, an old friend showed me around a new exhibit at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), From Memory to Action: Meeting the Challenge of Genocide. It’s a small space that (Read More)

“Made in U.S.A” Shines After Makeover

05.22.09   By Holland Cotter

When the Metropolitan Museum set up its first sculpture department in 1886, it threw in anything and everything that wasn’t framed, stitched or printed: “all the sculptures, pottery, porcelain, glassware, jewelry, engraved gems, bronzes, inscriptions, and other such objects of (Read More)

A Milestone for Monticello: High-tech Vistor Center Set for Debut

04.12.09   By Bryan McKenzie

A single step on topic and the statesman’s words swirl and whirl about the floor, breaking apart only to reunite on the wall in full quote.

A room away, the man’s ideas and ideals are broken down (Read More)

Scientific Advancement

03.14.07   By Tess Taylor

Despite being a distinguished school with top-notch design programs, MIT is full of dreary architecture. While bricky Harvard weaves though downtown Cambridge, MIT hugs industrial Main Street. The city of Cambridge has been working to enliven its inhospitable streetscapes, one reason both planners and (Read More)

The Beatles Revolution Bar

01.10.07   By Stuart Miles

Las Vegas Review
The Las Vegas bar goes high tech with its interactive coffee tables

At a glance
What is it? Interactive coffee table
Price – $200 bar bill
The good – The interactivity, the colours, the concept
The bad – It was quite (Read More)

The Nobel Field

06.01.06   By David Small, Timon Botez, John Rothenberg

Beneath the classic Victorian ceiling of Oslo’s former railway station, you enter a room of glass where, amongst many hundreds of points of light, you find glowing portraits of all the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. This is (Read More)

Lifeline From The Past To The Present

05.08.05   By Nico Macdonald

An interactive ‘Lifeline’ table is a key part of a new museum in London dedicated to the life of Sir Winston Churchill

If you are intrigued by the life of Sir Winston Churchill, voted Greatest Briton in the (Read More)

Churchill at a Touch of a Screen

02.11.05   By Edward Rothstein

LONDON, Feb. 10 – It may be that Winston Churchill’s voice and visage have not been the objects of such concentrated homage since his state funeral, 40 years ago, when 300,000 people streamed past his coffin in (Read More)

A Book With A Very Special Glow

05.29.03   By Susan Walker

Artist creates the Illuminated Manuscript

The illuminated manuscript hasn’t been a thriving medium since the Dark Ages, but David Small’s The Illuminated Manuscript is a high-tech resuscitation of the form.

The American designer and artist has created a (Read More)