The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has been an activist force for genocide prevention and the education of world leaders since it’s dedication in 1993. To further engage with the community and raise awareness of ongoing threats of genocide today the museum has just opened a new exhibition named From Memory To Action. The material in the exhibit picks up where the permanent exhibition ends, chronicling instances of genocide since the Holocaust, and examining the world’s reactions to them.

The goal of the exhibit is to show visitors that individuals have made a difference in each case of genocide that has occurred, and they will continue to have an impact in all future conflicts. Visitors are asked “What will you do to help end the threat of genocide today?” and to write their responses on cards given out in the room. Their pledges are captured using real ink pens with digital sensors in them, and then shown projected on a wall, joining the thousands of other pledges made by other museum visitors (both online and physical).

This project was a collaboration between Small Design Firm, C+G Partners, Potion Design, Upstatement, and CornerStone Exhibits.