We are a group of talented designers, programmers, architects, engineers, artists, and dog lovers. Our diverse backgrounds come together to create truly interesting experiences.


David Small

Creative Director

David Small completed his Ph.D. at the MIT Media Laboratory in 1999. This was his third degree from MIT, and he followed up as an Associate Professor when he directed the Media Lab’s Design Ecology group. His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, Documenta11, the Centre Pompidou, and the Cooper-Hewitt. He is the principal and founder of Small Design Firm and is privileged to work with amazing clients and a talented staff.


Michael McKenna


Like Dave, Michael McKenna earned his three degrees at MIT and the Media Laboratory. While there he spoke about and demonstrated his research into 3D interaction and animation at venues around the world. Between MIT and Small Design Firm, Mike co-founded a pioneering research startup in the fields of 3D simulation, medical imaging, and surgical planning. Joining Dave shortly after Small Design Firm’s formation, Mike serves as the technical director and takes all the cool projects to work on for himself.


Jenna Fizel

Junior Partner

Jenna Fizel earned a BSAD from MIT in 2007. She is interested in how the digital and physical mix – both through creating situated virtual experiences and the use of digital fabrication. She is also the former co-founder of a fashion and technology startup. In her spare time she uses her knowledge of code and machines to make robots build her furniture.


Akua Nti


Akua Nti received an S. B. and an M. Eng. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. Her interests include data visualization, speech and language, and how people learn things.


Kate Terrado

Senior Designer

Kate Terrado graduated from Northeastern University with a BFA in Graphic Design. She joined Small Design Firm in 2011 after working as a visual and interaction designer in Berlin, Germany. Her interests include typography, data visualization, and bicycles.


Morgan Packard


Before joining Small Design Firm in 2012, Morgan studied jazz saxophone at New England Conservatory, earned a B.A.in anthropology from Tufts University, performed worldwide as a laptop musician, and co-wrote “Thicket”, a surprisingly popular experimental audiovisual iPad app. Much of the work he does at Small Design Firm is the sort of thing he’d be doing even if he wasn’t getting paid.


Nathan Lachanmyer


Nathan Lachenmyer received a S.B. in Physics and a M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.  He is interested in computation as an artistic medium, and how both the physical and digital can be created through it.  He is also interested in using art as a medium for social interaction.


Daniel Reeves


Daniel received his doctorate in Physics from Brandeis University.  His doctorate and postdoctorate projects reflect a diverse interdisciplinary background in biological, chemical, and geological sciences.  The computational approaches adopted for these projects reflect his interest in analysis and algorithm development. At SDF, Daniel enjoys combining these interests with his personal passion for designing and building crafts to build powerful software with strong user-interface designs.


Copernicus McSmallertons

Chief Canine Officer

Copernicus has been with Small Design Firm since emigrating from Canada at the tender age of 7 weeks. He has trained with a variety of local specialists. His duties include greeting visitors, delivering and opening packages, and keeping meetings from going too long. When not working, he enjoys long hikes, swimming, fetch and helping around the kitchen. He recently turned six years old.

Open Positions

To apply for, or inquire about an open position, email us at office@smalldesignfirm.com